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Through the Gate

We supervise all offenders released after fewer than two years in prison once they have left jail. This system is called Through the Gate.

All offenders committed to custody are subject to supervision after release for at least 12 months.

In conjunction with Shelter, we are responsible for assessing the needs of offenders in the prisons across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. We will strive to meet each prisoner’s needs so that following release from prison they can successfully rehabilitate in their community.

Our Through the Gate service makes sure that each prisoner has a resettlement plan, and has activity starting 12 weeks before their release to prepare them for leaving jail. Our aim is to make sure that they do not reoffend.

Purple Futures has commissioned Shelter to help probation run this service across Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

We supervise offenders who are considered to pose a low or medium risk of committing a serious crime, while the National Probation Service supervises high risk offenders.