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Supervising Offenders

Probation protects your community. Our aim is to manage all offenders given community sentences, suspended sentence orders or prison licenses to ensure they complete them successfully and stop committing crime.

We monitor the offenders, assessing their needs and offering them support for areas such as accommodation, substance misuse, education, training, employment and parental skills. We also deliver programmes that address offending behaviour, and supervise higher-risk offenders on initiatives such as the Intensive Community Order.

There are two grades of staff who carry out this work; probation officers and probation service officers. They are responsible for:

  • holding offenders to account
  • ensuring the punitive elements of the sentence are imposed
  • managing the risk the offender may pose to others
  • developing more responsible behaviour
  • improving the offender’s attitudes so they become less anti-social
  • fostering the offender’s link with the wider community
  • providing value for money in the cost of organising and running the order.