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Our Videos

Click the links to learn more about the services we offer and the positive impact they have on people’s lives.

Dave’s days of drink are over (November, 2015)

How can I benefit from Community Payback? (September, 2015)

The Ashton supervision centre (September, 2015)

Dena praises Community Payback (September, 2015)

Bev talks about the ICO’s Job Club (September, 2015)

Brooks, from HOPE, talks about the mental health service (April, 2015)

Andy, from the Work Company, talks about Intensive Community Orders (April, 2015)

Offenders boxing clever at Marvin’s gym (March, 2015)


Staff talk about WISER, our course for women offenders (March, 2015)


Offenders and staff talk about Community Payback (February, 2015)

Carl Duddridge, probation services officer, and Nina Choudhury, volunteer, talk about volunteering  (February, 2015)

Simon Millea talks about how probation supported him after he committed to quit drugs and stop committing crime (January, 2015)

Don praises Community Payback for transforming Tindall Street Allotments (December, 2014)


Simon met the victim of his offence in a Restorative Justice conference. He believes this helped him quit drugs and reform (November, 2014)


Katie talks about how she felt before her first probation appointment (October, 2014)

Vaughan is optimistic about the future thanks to probation (May, 2014)

Cathy talks about probation’s support (April, 2014)

Anthony speaks about probation’s support (February, 2014)

Gemma talks about probation’s Trusted Tenants programme (February, 2014)