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7th March 2016

Women offenders

by Amy Hall, CGM CRC’s Interchange Manager with responsibility for equality and diversity WOMEN service users make up a tenth of the service user population in the community nationally, and 12.5 per cent in Greater […]

22nd February 2016

Unpaid work helps offenders pay back

By Lillian Kinloch and Ronnie Shaw, Community Payback supervisors UNPAID work is a sentence that results in offenders carrying out tens of thousands of hours of good work across Cheshire and Greater Manchester every […]

15th February 2016

The service user relationship

by Nadine Roberts, Bolton probation case manager THE relationship between the probation case manager and the offender can be the core condition for changing the behaviour and social conditions associated with […]

25th November 2015

Protecting the vulnerable

by Gemma Gaskell, Salford women’s centre manager; and Nadine Roberts, probation officer THE INTERNATIONAL Day to End Violence Against Women is the ideal time to discuss domestic violence and how it has affected so […]

16th November 2015

Helping offenders control their drinking

by Jane McCaskill, probation service officer MOST people drink alcohol, and most do so without any problems. We all know that a drink can sometimes help us to unwind or to relax with friends. Drinking in moderation is […]

11th November 2015

Volunteers’ importance to probation

by Eve Croft, CGM CRC’s volunteer coordinator MORE than 150 volunteer mentors work across Cheshire and Greater Manchester, carrying out a range of tasks including supporting the delivery of programmes, helping […]

My probation experience – on both sides of the fence

By Matthew, I have a criminal history and have been subject to licence and Community Orders; but thanks to the help I’ve received from the probation service, I have re-evaluated my life and now volunteer with […]

2nd November 2015

Movember’s focus on male health

Sam Bradshaw, probation health trainer I BEGAN working as a health trainer over five years ago and I love my job! Seeing the positive changes that offenders can make in a short time with my support is extremely […]

8th September 2015

Helping offenders turn a new page

by Beverley Hypolite, Work Solutions tutor and education consultant INTERNATIONAL Literacy Day is an ideal platform to discuss  the benefits that improving literacy can have for the individual concerned and for the […]

20th July 2015

Care Act key to change

by Amy Hall, CGM CRC’s equality and diversity officer. WHILE government legislation might not be everyone’s cup of tea,, striving to make sure that we are compliant with the recently introduced Care Act is […]