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What to Expect

A Community Order is for offences that are serious, but that do not result in jail. It means that the punishment will be carried out in the community.

Suspended Sentence Orders operate in the same way as Community Orders, but carry the added punitive element that if an offence is commited during the period covered by the order, then the offender must serve the length of the suspended sentence on top of any sentence applied to their new crime.

The judge or magistrate can choose from 12 requirements for an offender’s order. There’s more information about these on the Sentence Types page.

The programmes section also includes details about what sentences may involve.

Offenders who are sentenced to do Community Payback will need to report to one of Cheshire and Greater Manchester probation’s offices where they will be directed to work on a wide variety of  projects. These range from working with charities through to environmental improvements schemes and helping to run kitchens that provide food to the elderly.

Offenders sentenced to an Intensive Community Order can click the link to find out more about their sentence.