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25th June 2015

Nathan excels on order

NATHAN called the police during a drunken episode that lead to him getting arrested for carrying a knife.

The 26-year-old was sentenced to a 12-month suspended sentence order managed by Oldham’s Intensive Community Order (ICO) team. The borough’s Magistrates also sentenced Nathan to 50 hours Community Payback and to complete the Building Skills to Recovery programme.

On the night Nathan got arrested, he had drunk several cans of lager, got into an argument with his girlfriend and stormed out of the house carrying a knife.

He said: “I don’t remember much. I called the police, and when they arrived they saw I was carrying the knife and arrested me.

“Carrying a knife is not something I’d ever do. I’d been drinking too much, I was also on medication for depression, and I was out of order.

“I’m not a violent person. I don’t know what my intention was, but it wasn’t to harm anyone.”

Nathan had never been on probation before. He is supervised by the Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company’s probation service officer Natalie Dickinson.

Nathan, who works in an off-licence, said: “I was drinking eight to 12 cans of lager every night. I was depressed. When you are down it isn’t good.

“I’m on probation because I did wrong and I admitted it. I wasn’t worried about being on ICO, but I didn’t know what to expect.

“I’ve been myself with Natalie. It’s been really good. If I need to talk, we can do that. She told me if I wanted to cut my medication, then I had to get help from my G.P. and I did that.”

As part of his order, Nathan was referred to Addiction Dependency Solutions for six sessions. The charity supports people in recovery from alcohol and drugs misuse, and is contracted to the ICO team to deliver its services.

Nathan said: “I don’t really drink anymore, just a few drinks every once in a while. I’d got into a bad routine, it wasn’t easy talking to ADS about it or kicking it – but I’ve done it and it’s all good.

“I speak to people if I’ve got problems. Before I just bottled it up.”

Nathan completed 50-hours Community Payback as part of his order.

He said: “It was hard. I’m not the sort of person who drops litter, so picking up other people’s rubbish – especially when it’s raining – I didn’t like it.”

Natalie is part of the ICO team based at Medtia Place in Union Street, Oldham.

She said: “Nathan has progressed massively. He was very, very low in terms of his mental health and what he was drinking was contributing to that problem.

“He always came in and complied with his sentence, but he wasn’t right in himself. His lifestyle was chaotic.

“Nathan committed the offence while drunk on medication. Now he’s cut down his alcohol intake and is looking at life differently. I think he’s a changed person when compared to how he was when he got arrested.

“I am proud of him.”

Nathan dropped his hours at the off-licence when he was depressed, and had a period off ill. Now he is back full-time.

He added: “Where I am now compared to before I started my order, I’m in a totally different place. I feel much better.”

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