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8th June 2015

Probation helps Liz quit heroin

ELIZABETH is on the road to recovery after committing a string of shop thefts to fund addiction. The 33-year-old turned to heroin to help her cope with her mum’s death, in 2012. She was sentenced at Macclesfield […]

21st May 2015

Care leavers benefit from unique service

SAM and Danny are two of more than 70 people to have benefitted from a unique initiative launched by probation and the Care Leavers’ Association. In recognition of the impact being in care can have on individuals, the […]

18th May 2015

Restorative Justice reinforces Colin’s resolve

GETTING arrested forced Colin to confront his cocaine abuse, after he jeopardised everything to feed his addiction. The 30-year-old committed fraud against the construction firm that employed him so that he could fund […]

24th April 2015

Probation key to new start

MUM-of-two Jane committed fraud to secure the cash she felt she needed to enable her to flee an abusive marriage. The former care worker stole from a client. She was sentenced to an 18 month suspended sentence order, one […]

8th April 2015

Tough order helps Luke mature

LUKE confronted his ex-partner’s lover after failing to control his anger. The 23-year-old started a fracas that resulted in the police being called. When they arrested him, they found he was carrying a knife in his […]

31st March 2015

Wigan centres cutting crime

WIGAN’S centres for women offenders have been praised for the role they play in reducing reoffending. As of the end of January, the Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC) […]

25th March 2015

Prisoners inspired by Belief in Change

NINE prisoners have graduated on a unique programme that aims to inspire its participants to make the big changes needed to avoid getting back into trouble. Belief in Change (BiC), which has been primarily funded by […]

23rd March 2015

Spotlight on Oldham women’s centre

WOMEN offenders are benefitting from a new partnership that is bidding to reduce re-offending. The Farida Women’s Centre, which opened in Brunswick House, Union Street, in January, aims to stop women from committing […]

12th March 2015

Focus on Problem Solving Courts

WOMEN offenders are benefitting from a specialist court holds them to account for their actions, but also supports their rehabilitation. Manchester and Salford runs a Problem Solving Court specifically for female […]

Focus on Tameside’s women’s centre

SCORES of women from across Tameside are benefitting from services aimed at stopping people from committing crime. The Cheshire & Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC) supervised – as of […]