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Case Studies

Read first-hand accounts by offenders of the difference our work makes.

Case study 39 University lecturer Tim met a man who had attacked him with a baseball bat as part of a Restorative Justice conference that achieved an amazing success (January, 2016).

Case study 38 Dave Smith has overcome addiction and now delivers a course that he himself participated in when he was an offender (December, 2015).

Case study 37 Cathy is now a probation volunteer, having herself overcome addiction and successfully completed a prison licence  (October, 2015).

Case study 36 Jack has excelled thanks to support from Stockport’s Intensive Community Order team (September, 2015).

Case study 35 Rob Flynn talks about the support he’s received from Release from Addiction and how its Through the Gate service has supported him (August, 2015).

Case study 34 Brian has learning difficulties that were addressed to support his rehabilitation (July, 2015).

Case study 33 Lee Bailey  excelled on probation to such an extent that Magistrates revoked his order for good progress (April, 2015).

Case study 32 Former offender Brooks has the recipe for success. He teaches offenders how to cook as part of the HOPE project (April, 2015).

Case study 31 Matt is preparing to move into his own house after being helped by the CGM CRC-led mental health team Support4Change (April, 2015).

Case study 30 Donna quit amphetamine and is looking forward to a new life thanks to support from Bury probation’s women’s centre (March, 2015).

Case study 29 Katie Barrett is volunteering at the women’s centre that she herself attended while she was on probation (March, 2015).

Case study 28 Ken is now working as a plasterer after receiving help from probation to help him get into work following release from jail (February, 2015).

Case study 27 Neil Absalom has been free from drugs for eight months following a life-long battle with addiction (December, 2014).

Case study 26 Sam is now volunteering at Age UK following carrying out Community Payback at the store (November, 2014).

Case study 25 Probation and the Stockport Women’s Centre provide Zoe with the support she needs to drink less alcohol (October, 2014).

Case study 24 New door opens for Edem as Intensive Community Order intervention helps him turn his life around (August, 2014).

Case study 23 Luke received support from work mentor Eddie to help him set up a gardening firm, and is on course to complete his order (June, 2014).

Case study 22 Josh Nightingale launched a career after receiving support from probation, Templegate Training and Terry Phelan (June, 2014).

Case study 21 Andrew is an offender in recovery who has launched a group supporting people striving to overcome addictions (June, 2014).

Case study 20 Cathy has had her work praised after submitting art to the Koestler Trust, and is now looking forward to a brighter future (May, 2014).

Case study 19 Kevin supports others after overcoming drug addiction (May, 2014).

Case study 18 Chris and John have launched a cleaning business while on prison licence for armed robbery (April, 2014).

Case study 17 Byron took part in an attack on a man, but since release from prison three years ago has completed his licence and launched a gym (April, 2014).

Case study 16 Maggie commited a theft to pay off her son’s drug debts and has received a great deal of support from probation (March, 2014).

Case study 15 John was raped during a brutal ordeal and was supported by GMPT’s victim liaison team. He talks about the help he received (February, 2014).

Case study 14 Anthony Horricks is not only excelling on his order, and has performed on X-factor at Wembley Arena (February, 2014).

Case study 13 Duane successfully completed his Intensive Alternative to Custody order and has now got a full-time job (January, 2014).

Case study 12 Simon Millea  works for a drugs rehab charity after probation service officer Heather Williams helped him quit heroin (November, 2013).

Case study 11 Claire successfully quit heroin with support from probation officer Jennie Smith (November, 2013).

Case study 10 Anthony Bebbington has celebrated his first year free from drugs after probation officer Sarah Conray helped him turn his life around (September, 2013).

Case study 9 Kevin contemplated suicide, but thanks to support from Acorn and probation is now embracing a new life free from crime (September, 2013).

Case study 8 Amanda has quit alcohol and begun repairing her relationship with her son thanks to support from probation officer Amy Newton (August, 2013).

Case study 7 Jason spent years addicted to crack cocaine, but was helped to quit by probation officer Julie Roth (August, 2013).

Case study 6  Martine was arrested for drink driving and talks candidly about how probation helped her get back on track.

Case study 5 Jenny now provides an example to others after quitting heroin (March, 2012).

Case study 4 Paul Monks endured years of addiction, but with help from GMPT he has been able to pull back from the brink.

Case study 3  Alisha is one of a growing number of offenders to benefit from GMPT’s peer mentoring scheme (June, 2013).

Case study 2  Phil is a former soldier who believes that his probation officer helped save him from committing suicide.

Case study 1  John Iverson excellend on his Intensive Community Order (February, 2013).

Any member of the media interested in contacting CGM CRC to interview offenders is invited to contact the PR Department on 03000 047 097.